Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Estou disponível em todo o concelho de Odemira. Residentes, turistas, visitantes podem usufruír de massagem Ayurvédica por toda a região.

Trabalho como freelancer desde 2009 quando terminei o curso em Goa, India.
Pode contactar-me para informações clicando aqui.
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I am available in Odemira region. Locals, tourists, visitors can enjoy an ayurvedic massage, everywhere in the region. I work as a freelancer since 2009 when finished the course in Goa, India. Contact me for details by clicking here!List of treatments below, ( open image in a different window to increase image ):


Goa 2009


Since the beginning of human history that man is dedicated to the pursuit of peace and prosperity. Many of the inhabitants of this world do not understand the real purpose of their lives.

The pain and anxiety of fragmentation and disorder are contradicted with love and hope to restore cohesion to the whole.

This art of restoring and preserving the whole is the fulcrum of Ayurvedic medicine. The ancient seers and saints understand that mental bodies only manifest if we remembered and nourish in the most subtle aspects of our nature. We must align our lives, thoughts and behaviours with our inner self, omniscient and timeless, to ensure a good physical and mental health.

Scott Gerson